The school has a comprehensive program of clubs covering a wide range of activities. The majority of these clubs which run either before or after school are delivered by school staff, although several are run by external specialists. In providing a wide range of activities our hope is that every child will have the option of attending clubs which they will enjoy. Clubs do change on a termly basis but please click on the link below to gain an idea of the activities we offer.

Some of the Clubs we run are the following:

Football Club for Y3-Y6
Glee Club for R-Y6
Ball Skills for R-Y1
Board Games for Y3-Y6
Craft Club for Y1-Y2
Y5 Maths & NVR Coaching Club
Creative Writing club Y3-Y6
Spanish Club Y1-Y6

Netball Club for Y5-Y6
Football Squad at Sidcup Sports Club
Bop & Pop for R only
Y5 English & VR Coaching Club
Cake Decorating Club Y1-Y6
3D Printing & Maker Club Y3-Y6
Lego Construction Club Y1-Y4
Athletics Club Y2-Y6

Netball Club for Y3-Y4
Bop & Pop for Y1-Y2
Gardening Club Y1-Y6
Cookery Club Y1-Y6
Code Club for Y3-Y6
Basketball Club for Y1-Y6

Netball Team Practice
Craft Club Y3-Y6

Chess Club Y2-Y6
Computer Games for Y2-Y6

Whilst not run directly by the school, our PE and Computing teachers run holiday clubs at competitive rates to provide child-care during school holidays for working parents.